WinMend File Splitter


A very simple application for splitting your files into parts



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You probably remember Hacha, possibly the most popular program for splitting and merging files that has ever been created. Well, if you're looking for a similar tool that's been adapted to the needs of today's users, we recommend trying WinMend File Splitter.

WinMend File Splitter is an application that lets you split all kinds of files into as many parts as you need. You can indicate the number of portions you want your file to be divided into or the size of each portion.

The process is fast, and in a matter of seconds you can split apart relatively large files. To merge them later you'll just need to install WinMend File Splitter onto the device where you want to save the original file and that's it. No complications.

Without a doubt this is a recommendable option for when you need to split apart large files.
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